Book Review: Nginx HTTP Server

Nginx, Technology


I have to admit up front that I know the author of this book and originally introduced him to nginx, that said, the friendship between us will not affect this review.


I always skip to this part when I read reviews, so I figure I might as well start with it, the details will follow after the conclusion.

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Optimized File Uploading With PHP & Nginx

Performance is often important to people using nginx – and for good reason, of course.

Sadly, while many people will optimize their software stack they will rarely work on optimizing the back-end code; and even more rarely will they eliminate single points of failure.

Such was also the case when SitePoint recently published an article about uploading large files with PHP. This post will discuss a method to accept uploads that will scale far better and not offer malicious users an easy DoS vector.

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Nginx Configuration Primer

Nginx is a constantly evolving web server rapidly growing in popularity.

In July of 2013 nginx even managed to become the most used web server amongst the top 1000 sites ranked by traffic. It’s safe to say that these days you cannot afford to not know about nginx or how to use it.

Unfortunately the nginx documentation is more of an API documentation than it’s an introduction to how nginx actually works.

This post is aimed at correcting that by walking you through the most important parts of the nginx configuration file in a logical order.

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